California International Marathon and the end of a good running year

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Many thanks to all of you who ran and represented us with TEAM LUCCA this past year. 
Always so happy to hear of your running /racing adventures 

Congratulations to our CIM relay team, Jason, Solomon, Kevin and Bob, Dale for completing his first marathon, the awesome Geary family, Jim, Tamara and Sean and the amazingly fast Becky MacBride as well as the talented Karyn Hoffman who once again nailed it leading in her pace group

Especially impressive that you all finished so strong in spite of the blustery, rain storm taking place during most of the race

Get ready for 2013. Team meeting coming this January. Stay posted for date and time.

Happy Holidays!

2012 Thanksgiving Day Race

Saturday, November 24, 2012

A big thanks to all of you who ran, rode and raced wearing those brown and red 
Team Lucca jerseys in 2012.

Thanks to all who donated at our post "Run to Feed the Hungry" brunch. Due to your generosity, we were able to give Becky and Ian MacBride $850 for Becky's fundraising endeavor toward supporting the Fisher House and her running of the California International Marathon.

We will have quite a of of you out there next week at the CIM.
Look for those speedy Team Lucca jerseys and then see you all next year.
Team Lucca 2013 meeting happening in January.

Happy Holidays!

Marathon in Lucca, Italy

Monday, April 2, 2012

Team Lucca has been invited by A.S.D. Lucca Marathon to participate in the 2012 Lucca Marathon in Lucca, Italy on October 28th.

The race organizers are graciously providing free bibs and registration to any of us with Team Lucca here in California, who wish to participate.

Any takers?
Let me know and perhaps we can arrange a special trip to this beautiful city for this race.

Rob Reed, Running and Aristotle

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

There are the obvious health benefits of running, increased stamina, muscle gain, weight managment and then there is a list full of less touted additional benefits, better sleep, better sex life, stronger joints, greater daily euphoria and, if you run with Rob Reed, a feeling of at least solving some of the worlds problems.
Rob joined Team Lucca in 2009. At the time he was between deployments to Northern Iraq.

Rob Reed is the guy who walks into a room and charges the atmosphere. He is full of life, contagious in his positive energy and unique in the sense that he makes those around him bigger, better, come to life. He is so fun to be around.

I had a chance to sit down with Rob over breakfast recently to talk about running and life.

After a childhood of frequent military relocations reaching as far as England, Rob's family eventually settled in Northern California. Like many guys, football became a big part of his high school experience, beginning in his sophomore year. Rob refers to running at this time in his life as horrible, comparing his running to Phoebe of the TV show Friends.

Through the encouragement of his coach he continued running, and the beginning of a theme that would continue to grow and become highly relevant took hold. Rob embraced it fully in all aspects: the philosophical, practical, physical and mental advantages of being part of a team.

The team experience continued at seventeen when Rob joined the military in pursuit of becoming part of the Air Force Pararescue, an elite specialty comparable to the Navy Seals or Army's Special Forces.

Running now began in earnest with training building to 12 mile long runs while running in full gear - helmet, rucksack, gas mask, vest and boots.

When I asked Rob if there were any memorable moments regarding running during his training course or his tour of duty, he said not so much moments as just an over all feeling.

The runs were always exhausting and pushed one through the barriers of what would normally be reliable during long runs. Water supplies ran out, daylight subsided the stressfulness of the situation would amplify and the lack of runner-required nutrients would throw one into a state where focus was sharpened on the smallest detail. The idea of the team as one single unit would become critical to the outcome of the day. Surviving together came down to a huge reliance on taking turns to boost the morale, to carry the burden, to lead the team. Humor was part of it all and things that would just be silly now became vastly funnier then. All in an attempt to throw off the intensity of the endeavor at hand.

Rob on occasion stayed in contact with the team while in Iraq during his runs with the Nike + running app and the Team ran the Shamrockin Half Marathon here in Sacramento in honor of Rob in 2010.

What Rob enjoys most about Team Lucca is the community of running. He has an appreciation for how running with the team keeps him in check. How great it is to represent something. How much he enjoys the leadership part of it.

So naturally Rob's favorite race of the year was the "Tough Mudder" held this last September near Incline Village in Squaw Valley. This race is based on the training program of the British Special Forces and has plenty of incredibly challenging obstacles like swimming under ice, dodging electrical currents through a shock field an scaling crazy high walls. Every obstacle reliant on teamwork for the most successful outcome.

I went to Tahoe to watch our team finish. While waiting I spoke to a group of Marines and asked them how they thought it all went. In their collective opinion the course was realistically quite tough. They said they finished in four hours. Our guys finished in four hours and twenty minutes and of course it was Rob , pushing, encouraging, waiting, prodding and providing the humor along the way.

Running solo is highly conducive to meditation. Once your stride becomes comfortable and the breathing falls in line a natural contemplative and/or philosophical process begins.

The same thing happens when running with a friend. Nothing like forgetting about the effort while working out the worlds problems small and large.

During the times I have run with Rob the act of running becomes so less relevant, as our conversations verge on the ethics of raising cattle to the meaning of this country's time spent in Iraq and Afganistan. During a recent conversation I liked the way Rob put how we surmise our opinions when he said, "so much of what we know about controversial issues is based on assumptions and our own owning of limited facts. The truth is often so much more complex than most single minds can process and understand at one time. Perhaps it is best that we educate and are educated in small bursts toward a truthful understanding"

In understanding our recent military involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan, Rob suggested a book he still loves, all controversy aside "Three cups of Tea" and the documentary film Restrepo by Tim Hetherington and Sebastian Junger, which chronicles the deployment of a U.S. Platoon in Afghanistan's Korengal Valley. Rob also suggested watching the Discovery Channel documentary "Surviving the Cut" to learn more about training for the military's Special Forces.

It is so much fun and such an honor to have you as part of the team Rob Reed.

TEAM LUCCA: Next Race is a fun one!
Super Bowl Sunday
Feb 5th, 9:00 Am

More info at

Running Women Warriors plus Jim and Dan

Sunday, December 4, 2011

The moment you see the finish line is so intensely personal. The swelling up with pride, the lump in the throat, possible tears welling, body aching and all of this punctuated with a huge sense of accomplishment and well deserved sigh of relief.

Congratulations to all our Team Lucca runners today. So proud of all of you. Think you are so amazing. My apologies if I forgot about anyone, but here is how I saw it.

First Team Lucca runner and still looking like a million bucks, mother of two, super speedy, Becky MacBride.
Next the truly amazing Western States competitor and CIM Pace setter, my friend, Karyn Hoffman.
Then one of my Team Lucca running heroes mostly for his tenacity and the fact that he just loves to run and does it so well, the one and only, Jim Geary.
Not far behind, Jim's daughter and often times running companion - still smiling from ear to ear, Tamara Geary.

There is so much pride to be had I am sure, for being part of a fearless group of women athletes known as the TRI chics. If anyone personified what these women can just go out and do with a marathon, it is Tammie Lopez. I had breakfast with Tammie the day before the race who was only a little concerned that she had barely trained. This morning she was a testament to the high level of physical fitness at which these women live their lives.
Tammie you are amazing, looked amazing and I am so proud of you.

Next was Team Lucca coach and excellent marathoner again looking like it was such a breeze, the always smiling, really talented, Emily Schile.
Doing her first marathon and doing an excellent job of it was Julie Stackhouse.
Followed by the always adorable, also TRI Chic, LeAnne Nienow.

Also congrats to my bud and Team Lucca runner, Dan Tafoya and Mrs. Pozzi aka Meschell.

Thank you all for representing the Team over this past year.

Think the world of all of you. You are all pure inspiration.

TEAM Lucca Thanksgiving 2011

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Thank You's
Thanks Team! In spite of the cold rainy day, Team Lucca showed up in big numbers, once again for the Sacramento's "Run to Feed the Hungry"
I wasn't able to get many photos at the race site with that crazy rain and only got a fraction of the team before and after. Nevertheless it was great to see you all and the brunch at Roxy was just the right note of warmth and delciousness, good friends and family and many reasons to be thankful.
So happy to state that at our post race brunch raffle this year we raised $1670.00 for the Sacramento Food Bank

Many many thanks to Jim Geary one of our most dedicated runners who presented us with a check for $1000 on behalf of Team Lucca as a gift from his law firm, Hanson Bridgett to be included with our donation to the Sacramento Food Bank. Thank you kindly to every one at Hanson Bridgett. Your generosity is so very much appreciated.

Also Thank you so very much to all of those who donated some really wonderful prizes:
Martha Dunn, Photographer- Rachel Lomeil, Sacramento Theatre Company, Music Circus, B Street Theatre, numerous wineries, Piatti Restaurant, Sacramento Farmer's Market, American Grafetti Tatoo, Jeannie Bewley -fine jewelry creations, Chef Ian MacBride and Becky, Jan Newton, Hanna Choi, Jen Hart, Erin MacBride, Tracy Murphy, Kristina Dula and Joanne Obata, Macy's, Virginia Curtola, Lucca and Roxy Restaurants, Cosmopolitan Caberet, Tammie Lopez and Jason, Daniel Tofoya, Norma B and Lucky Dog Ranch.

Plus thank you so much to our Roxy Team, Mike Holyfield, Danny Origel and Jeff DePalma for putting together such a delish brunch.

And finally a special thanks to Emily Shile for leading the team through 2011.

Happy Thanksgiving!

California International Marathon Next weekend
Look for Team Lucca on the race course

Such Pretty Boys!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Thanks Rob, Bob, Andy and Dale for representing Team Lucca again in another one of those pretty dirty races.

DON'T FORGET ~ Thanksgiving Morning:

"Run to Feed the Hungry"

Nove. 24th, 2011 - Please be at Roxy by 7:00 am for pictures and then look for those brown Team Lucca jerseys close to the Team Tent before the start.

If you are running the 10K and line up at the 9 min mile marker, 15 mins before the start

I will find you there for pre race pics.

Also plan on joining us post race at Roxy for our annual brunch and raffle.

Brunch is free - just please bring money for raffle tickets. All proceeds from the raffle go directly to the Sacramento Food Bank

Raffle prizes include - bottles of wine, housemade pies, theatre tickets, gift certificates for Lucky Dog Ranch New York Steaks, homemade bread, massage certificates, tattoo and body piercing gift certificates and gift certificates to Lucca and Roxy,

plus so much more.

We are still collecting prizes so please send Emily or I a message thru Facebook if you would like to contribute. All prize contributions are so very much appreciated!

Hopefully see you soon at Sacramento's best family running event of the year!